The Fidelity Security Group is South Africa’s largest black economic owned security company. This group was established for the cash-in-transit industry in 1957. The guarding part of this group was started in 1968, shortly followed by the diversification of the group into computerised bureau services and it served as a world-first technological innovation. Today they are the largest integrated security solutions provider in South Africa offering a range of specialised services.

Through a bouquet of services and related products the Group can tailor make a solution for any requirement. With the Group’s exceptional leadership, the unwavering commitment of management and that of all its employees, the Group has enjoyed exceptional growth over the last five years. The Group’s Cash Solutions business continues to grow and has quickly become a serious competitor in the market, garnering a large number of high profile national contracts and bringing state of the art technology backed by Fidelity’s hands on approach to the market.

They offer 55 years of experience as the industry leader in security. They pride themselves in providing unparalleled coverage that spans 30 000 branches across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Their success as the preferred supplier is owed to a proactive approach to an ever-changing landscape; through perseverance, they have maintained their position in the security industry. Their portfolio of specialised services includes guarding services, training and development, reaction services, mining security services, risk analysis and electronic security.

Fidelity Training and Development

There are lot of training activities that the company always implement to improve and meet the demand of skills within the services they offer to their client. The Fidelity Training Colleges pioneered training in South Africa and played a vital role in professionalising this sector by developing the first learnership programme for security officers with SASSETA (NQF Level 3). The company developed its own comprehensive firearm training programmes to ensure competency in a range of contexts.

The development team was also responsible for devising a Recognition of Prior Learning System, now used throughout the industry. Fidelity continues to stay ahead of the training game, with its expert staff continuously evaluating and upgrading course content to meet evolving needs.

Recognised as market leaders, the nationwide network of accredited training centres provide practical, job-orientated training and consultancy services to all levels of personnel within the Fidelity Security Group, as well as to selected clients who operate their own internal security and various parastatal and Government entities.

Fidelity Recruitment and Selection

The development of Fidelity’s human resources begins with the focused recruitment of suitable applicants followed by careful screening.

Fidelity National Command Centre

The custom-designed National Command Centre is the first of its kind in South Africa and specialises in remote risk management. Fidelity has the infrastructure that allows the monitoring of alarms and CCTV solutions and track assets and vehicles on a national basis. State-of-the-art technology allows expert monitoring teams to keep track of Fidelity’s specialised units, vehicles and assets in transit.

The 24 hour Command Centre has a fully equipped Disaster Recovery Site with a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. The Command Centre infrastructure standards exceed the minimum SAIDSA requirements. All telephone calls are recorded, all actions on our monitoring software are auditable, the entire floor space is covered by CCTV cameras and all access to the centre is controlled and restricted.

Fidelity Additional Features and Services

  • A comprehensive staff integrity policy
  • Alarm events sequenced by priority
  • Ability to customise operating procedures
  • SMS notification of alarm activations to staff and clients
  • Web-based Occurrence Book for licensed users
  • Remote “Opening” and “Closing” of vaults and high risk areas
  • Overt and covert surveillance
  • Logging and tracking of service calls on all security equipment
  • Only handpicked and stringently vetted agents are employed in the National Command Centre
  • Ongoing internal processes are in place to manage the integrity of the staff and are aimed at detecting attempts by criminals to corrupt or intimidate staff
  • 3 and NQF 4 levels
  • VIP Close Protection Training at NQF level 5
  • Firearm Competency
  • Firearm Refresher Training
  • Retail Security
  • Control Rooms
  • SAPS National Key points Training
  • Aviation Security
  • Ports and Harbours Security
  • Drivers’ Training
  • Other Specialised Training

Fidelity Accreditations

  • SABS registered ISO 9001:2008 training provider
  • Accredited with the Safety and Security SETA (SASSETA)
  • Accredited with the SAPS in terms of firearms training provision
  • Accredited with the CIVIL Aviation Authority (Dangerous Goods)
  • Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)
  • Accredited with Department of Corrections for the provision of the Pre-Service Custodial Officers Programme
  • Accredited with City & Guilds to present FIFA 2010 Events
  • Steward Training

Employee Assistance Program

Employment relationships are managed through various unions at ground and Senior Exco level with office and administration staff. As evidenced by the various long service awards and share allocations, it is clear that as the employer of choice in the industry, Fidelity ensures all their staff is well cared for. Mechanisms are in place to report non-compliance. Employee wellness and risk management programs provide support and counseling for trauma, social, financial, emotional or work-related problems. Workshops and voluntary HIV testing and counseling are also part of the Employee Assistance Program.

Education of employees is achieved via bursaries, learnerships, external workshops, and internal development programs, at all levels.

Contact Fidelity Group at:

For Security Services, 1170 Domkrag St, Johannesburg, 1709

Phone: (011) 375 1600

For Security Guard Service, 104D Mimosa St, Johannesburg

Phone: (011) 763 9000